About Us

CincyForward is the mind child of Jim Prues, a mostly lifelong resident of Cincinnati whose always been curious about how out world works and why. In 2004 I wandered on to the term World 5.0, and it’s been my passion ever since.

World 5.0 defines us as always together here in Life. It declares that each of our experience of life depends on our intent – the decisions we make about what to think and feel, fear or Love. And thirdly, only Love makes us happy. These are the three truths.

World 5.0 also ascribes to the principles of Peace, Love, Integrity, Justice and Balance. These together will overcome and overwhelm the old corrupt and broken system. It’s our new operating system.

CincyForward is a natural progression for me. World 5.0 provides focus on the principles and areas of focus to move forward. I live here. I work and play and eat and drink and everything else here. So I want us to do better. As the founder of World 5.0 I know the direction we need to take.

CincyForward is designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible. We thrive on our connection. We have a comments section and an events calendar and any other content you wish to offer.

What we know now, in this incredibly wild year of 2020, is that through Covid-19 and the now worldwide protests in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, is that there is no going back. So my sisters and brothers of Cincinnati, the region and wherever, let’s do this thing of creating a new o/s. If you forget who and where we are check out World 5.0. If you’re ready to learn and engage, sign up for our newsletter.

The comfortable do not change, and the elite rulers of our planet have been comfortable for a long time. Folks like the Rothchilds, Morgans and a handful of others, now enjoined with the new rich of Bezos, Gates, Musk and their ilk. They are not comfortable now.

We are rising, and we are finding ourselves here together in Life. This is a grand and epic time folks. Let’s do this thing. Let’s be this Life