Cincinnati City Council Mandates Face Masks

 Cincinnati City Council Mandates Face Masks

Cincinnati City Council today voted to make the wearing of face masks in public spaces mandatory. This mandate is set to begin n July 7th. The council voted 7 – 2 in favor of the mandatory facial coverings, with Jeff Pastor and Betsy Sundermann voting against the measure.

Mayor Cranley expressed support for the measure, noting “”I think we’re doing the right thing today. We have to take the virus seriously as it is taking us seriously ill.”

A date for the mandate to end is not yet set, pending the spread and/or control of coronavirus in our area. As WCPO-TV reported two days ago, Hamilton County cases have skyrocketed the last couple of weeks.

Here are increases in positive cases in Hamilton County over the last few weeks:

  • June 3 – 166 new cases (from previous week)
  • June 10- 177 new cases
  • June 17 – 398 new cases
  • June 24 – 782 new cases
  • July 1 – 912 new cases

County Commissioner Denise Driehaus said,

As County Commissioner Denise Driehaus stated, “Positive cases in the county are dramatically increasing. As I read the numbers, my heart just sinks,” she said. “The numbers don’t lie, and the numbers tell us that we are in dangerous territory.”

Jim Prues