Look Who’s Running for Cincinnati City Council

 Look Who’s Running for Cincinnati City Council

Cincinnati City Council is going to look considerably different come November 2nd, 2021. In the last year we lost Tamaya Dennard, Jeff Pastor and P.G. Sittenfeld due to indictments for accepting bribes from developers. Also recently indicted is Wendall Young, his crime deleting old texts from the ‘gang of five’ text scandal (which felt a bit overblown even while it was going on back in 2018).

Our current council consists of Chris Smitherman (considering a run for County Commissioner), David Mann (now running for mayor), Greg Landsman, Chris Seelbach, Wendall Young (in spite of indictment), and four appointed candidates – Jan Michele Lemon Kearney (D), Liz Keating (R), Steve Goodin (R) and Betsy Sundermann (R).

In the last cycle (2017), we had 23 candidates for the council seats. This year is looking like we’ll have a far larger field. As of May 20th, 95 people had requested petitions to potentially run. 17 so far have been returned. One of the 17, Derek Bauman, has dropped out, doomed by text messages from a decade ago when he was a policeman in Warren county. Of the existing council, only Greg Landsman and Jan-Michelle Lemon Kearney have filed. August 19th is the filing deadline, so we won’t know for certain who’s on the ballot until a week or so after that date.

Here are the 17 candidates with approved filings…

  • Jalen Alford of Paddock Hills.
  • Derek Bauman of Over-the-Rhine (has suspended his campaign).
  • Jaime Castle of Mount Washington.
  • Michelle Dillingham of Over-the-Rhine.
  • Brian Garry of Clifton.
  • Kurt L. Grossman of Downtown.
  • Reggie Harris of Northside.
  • Evan C. Holt of North Avondale.
  • Nick Jabin of Mount Washington. 
  • Mark Jeffreys of Clifton. 
  • Scotty Johnson of Mount Airy.
  • Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney of North Avondale.
  • Greg Landsman of Mount Washington.
  • John R. Maher of Northside.
  • Meeka Owens of North Avondale.
  • Victoria Parks of College Hill.

We’re going to feature this post on the front page through November 2nd, updating with info, videos etc. as we move forward. And there’s that mayoral race and a few judges contending as well. Stay tuned…

Jim Prues

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