We, the People, Make Our Voices Heard – Election 2021

 We, the People, Make Our Voices Heard – Election 2021

Well, at least the 25% of eligible voters in Hamilton County did. It follows the trend of recent years where fewer and fewer folks are voting. It’s a topic that needs discussion. Aftab Pureval is the mayor elect in Cincinnati Ohio. The new council is new indeed, with former council people Betsy Sunderman and Steve Goodin not returning. Liz Keating barely beat out activist Michelle Dillingham for the final seat.

Here’s what we have…

Mayor Elect:
Aftab Pureval

Cincinnati City Council:
Jan Michele Lemon Kearney
Greg Landsman
Reggie Harris
Meeka Owens
Victoria Parks
Scotty Johnson
Jeff Kramerding
Mark Jeffries
Liz Keating

Liz Keating is the only Republican elected, barely beating out Michelle Dillingham for the last seat. Endorsed democrats won 8 of the 9 seats.

Municipal Judge Second District:
Donte Johnson

Donte barely beat out Elizabeth Tye for the municipal judge position.


Issue One Children’s Services: Passed

Issue Three Charter Amendment: Failed (thankfully, it was crap)

Issue 29 Great Parks Levy: Passed

All in all, a good night for (establishment) Democrats and Aftab has the potential to be a great mayor. It’s up to us, assisting him and the new council with our voices, to ensure Cincinnati moved forward in these challenging times.

Jim Prues