Welcome to Cincy Forward!

 Welcome to Cincy Forward!


And thanks for being Here. CincyForward is not just about learning and spreading knowledge, without corporate influence, but to be a mechanism for us to work together in ways we never before imagined. We have World 5.0.

This is a brand new effort to help propel our region forward through Love, ethics, innovation, connection and creative living.Things have been ugly for some while, and COVID-19 is having devastating effects we’ve never before witnessed. And we have the protests arising from the cruel murder of George Floyd. We intend to support initiatives and methodologies for moving forward in these wild times.

Cincy Forward is the brain child of Jim Prues, a long time resident of Cincinnati and small business owner who’s found frustration in trying to get truthful, helpful information on the virus and so many other aspects of local life that are never prioritized on cincinnati.com. We intend to work with other outlets like CityBeat, The Cincinnati Herald, Green Umbrella and Soapbox to create rich content for you, our readers.

Jim, that is me, is also the founder of World 5.0, our new cultural operating system based on Peace, Love, Integrity, Justice and Balance, precepts by which to guide us. I could go on and on, but you can learn more here…

You’ll notice the last two menu items, ‘partners’ and ‘projects’ have yet to initiated. We understand that we create health and community with like minded partners, and that we further the progress of our region through projects. Stay tuned…

We intend to be highly interactive as said, from encouraging articles and videos by subscribers, to commenting and generating events. We hope you’ll join us. Cincinnati is a tremendous city. Let’s make it better still…

The time is always now. The answer is always love.

World 5.0

A NOTE: The CincyForward menu has two topics yet to be implemented.

‘Partners’ will be a database of people committed to our new o/s. They may be manufacturers or merchants of any sort.They may be activists or a not for profit. The commonality will be that World5 Partners will be worthy of your trust. Screw the ‘buyer beware’ mentality. We seek to thrive, all of us here together.

Projects’ will be an area where we focus on bringing projects to fruition. Whether it’s creating safer communities, starting a community garden,, or implementing a strategy to help fix Norwood’s crappy streets.

Let’s do this. Subscribe or stop by anytime…

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  • I’m thrilled to be putting this out when so much is broken. Hopeful that we are in the early stages of a great healing.

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