What If Covid-19 Thrives on Fear

 What If Covid-19 Thrives on Fear

Not surprisingly, solid truths about the coronavirus are hard to find. Who is most susceptible, who has and has not had it, the accuracy of the counts, deaths related and not related to peoples’ other conditions, and on and on.

Three major reasons for this. First, the agendas of Trump and the Republican party, plus those of Big Pharma, corporate media, and a host of others who see nothing but another opportunity for Disaster Capitalism.

I hold a small point of contention with the term, because capitalism is not the culprit, corporate greed is, but the point is certainly taken.

So now that we know far more about the stinking pile of shit that is supposed to be our main resource for information, we begin to think outside their box.

One example that has recently occurred to me is that fear may be anything from a small to a huge contributor to the Covid epidemic. Let’s take a look.

We already have a pretty good idea about how stress and anger are negative influences for our health. Stress wears us down over time. Anger causes an emotional toll on us and the poor folks who are subjected to our anger.

Further, fear causes all sorts of human ailments and conditions. What if we didn’t feel the need to eat so much, and of such crappy content? What if we were okay without alcohol or other drugs. What if we didn’t feel inclined to blame others for our ills and failures, or to feel the victim of someone else’s baggage.

So, what if the biggest underlying condition is fear, and the underlying conditions of PTSD and hatred. Both are forms of fear, but locked in so tightly it doesn’t actively feel like fear. Yet it makes us act in hateful and blaming and victim oriented ways. Not healthy.

I pose that fear is a major contributor to the impact of Covid-19 on you, your family and those you come in contact with.

Living in Love, in contrast, allows the mind to maintain a much healthier attitude, and the cells and apparatus of our bodies to function far more ‘healthily’. Love enables the emotions and hormones that are conducive to feeling good and healthy. Love is healing, and the more love we hold, the more easily our bodies heal.

In World 5.0 we understand that we are, and always are, together here in life. We live in eternity. This allows a perspective that understands biological life is necessarily temporary, while all this while Life continues uninterrupted.

We’ve been misled for generations, and we’ve grown over these same generations. Covid looks to be with us for the foreseeable future. We may find a cure/vaccine, as we have for other scourges in the past. Yet the one action we can take right now, without fail, is to choose Love over fear. It may be our best strategy against the coronavirus.

Jim Prues